Q8 Results

August, 30 2017

Dear Quants, 

We are proud to announce the Q8 results! Due to the new macroeconomic data sets and a Python library update during the competition live period the final evaluation took a little longer this time. The results are in now - thank you for your patience.

The Q8 was the biggest competition ever with 492 eligible submissions. We are very happy to have three new first-time winners this time!

Here are our top 10, the winners of the Q8 

  1. danielkscarmo with qaqee803a (final score 3.33) – Wins a $1,000,000 investment
  2. durasm with Ueberanpassung (final score 2.82) – Wins a $750,000 investment
  3. AzureFractal with EphemeralRollBackTime (final score 2.45) – Wins a $500,000 investment
  4. Charless with MIng (final score 2.06)
  5. s_poramet with Code233HappyPlusTilt (final score 1.76)
  6. mwalimudan with RecentConvert91 (final score 1.36)
  7. Evolution71 with PR (final score 1.33)
  8. DrKodiak with HenryVI (final score 1.26)
  9. cfcquant with TrendFollowing (final score 1.14)
  10. ol with ts529_1ml_q7_03 (final score 1.02)
Allocations will be made on Friday, September 1, 2017. As usual all winners will keep 10% of the profits generated by their trading algorithm.

Congratulations! Thanks to everybody who participated in the Q8 and have fun in the Q9.

Martin & the Quantiacs Team