Q9 Results Are In!

March, 07 2018

Dear Quants, 

We are proud to announce the Q8 results! Due to the new macroeconomic data sets and a Python library update during the competition live period the final evaluation took a little longer this time. The results are in now - thank you for your patience.

Quantiacs' Q9 algorithmic trading competition was one of the biggest yet with 422 eligible algorithms. Congratulations again to our top 3 candidates who received capital allocations:

  1. User danielkscarmo with "qaqee903a" (final score 3.21) – Wins a $1,000,000 investment
  2. User s_poramet with "Mini Experiment" (final score 2.79) – Wins a $750,000 investment
  3. User charles with Tulid (final score 2.76) – Wins a $500,000 investment

Here are our top 10, the winners of The Q9 Competition"

Rank User Algorithm Score
1 danielkscarmo qaqee903a 3.21
2 s_poramet Mini Experiment 2.79
3 charless Tuld 2.76
4 mwalimudan JustTesting26Q91 2.44
5 durasm Q8_MM_Single_Dynamic_v1 1.41
6 Jpm Jpm98t201705092100 1.15
7 coinlab m_r_rsi 1.1
8 simonlee QTAC 1.01
9 ProfJ ts16201704201201 1
10 Sun73 sun73_v3r201709252054 1

Allocations were made by Monday, March 5, 2018. As usual all winners will receive 10% of the profits generated by their trading algorithm. Congratulations! Thanks to everybody who participated and have fun in Q11!.
The Quantiacs Team