July, 15 2016

Dear Quants, 

After three months live evaluation we are happy and proud to announce the winners of Q5 - the biggest algorithmic trading competition. Kudos to all participants. You did an amazing job! We never before saw such a high average Sharpe Ratio over all eligible submitted trading algorithms.  

The backtests were already extremely promising with a mean Sharpe Ratio of 1.58. The three month live-simulation was the moment of truth (I don’t have to tell you much about the effect of overfitting). All the more we are delighted by the fact that over 41% of all submitted strategies were positive after three months. That’s really remarkable and demonstrates your capabilities. Here are the top performers in this competitive field - the winners of Q5:
1. DrKodiak with SharpBayes (Final score 5.81) – Gets a $1,000,000 investment

2. Jenia with Hatchlings (Final score 3.22) – Gets a $750,000 investment

3. kviggy0 with rmlislylml (Final score 2.06) – Gets a $500,000 investment

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everybody who participated in the Q5 competition! A special tribute to Jenia who won for the second time and is now managing a total of $1,750,000 – the same amount that Timeroot is managing.

As usual the winning Quants will keep 10% of their system’s profits. We’re very happy to be trading your systems. Our proprietary trading operation just hit a new all-time high yesterday.
But there is more good news to share: Quantiacs is now registered as Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the NFA/CFTC. The first investors are lined up, and we are about to open up the 1st functional online marketplace for trading algorithms in the next couple of weeks. Here is our press release in case you are interested.

Finally, you have two more weeks left to submit your systems for the Q6 to compete about the next round of $2,250,000 investments. I would like to invite you to join, code, learn, compete, and have fun. Together with your ideas and skills we can change the way the hedge fund industry works. We at Quantiacs are determined to make this a lucrative business for you and to make algorithmic trading accessible for everybody.
Good luck to all participants in the Q6!
CEO, Quantiacs