The Q11 Winners

November, 29 2018

We are excited to announce the Q11 results

Quantiacs' Q11 algorithmic trading competition was the largest ever with over 700 eligible algorithms. Congratulations to our top 3 candidates who received capital allocations: 

  1. User Charless with BckyBrns (final score 2.97) – Wins a $1,000,000 investment
  2. User stevefoeldvari with sf0012v2 (final score 2.27) – Wins a $750,000 investment
  3. User SPoramet with Princibality (final score 1.90) – Wins a $500,000 investment
Allocations will be made starting Monday, December 2, 2018. As usual all winners will receive 10% of the profits generated by their trading algorithm. Congratulations! Thanks to everybody who participated and good luck in Q12!
The Quantiacs Team