The Q3 Systems Are Live

October, 01 2015

Congratulations to everybody who participated in the Q3 Competition. We got over 100 submissions of which 78 are eligible for the competition. The results we saw in the back tests were impressive and we are curious to see, how your systems perform on live data. 

We know that you invested a lot of time and effort in developing and tweaking your systems. Some of you might have seen the race between Jenia and Timeroot. This time Jenia achieved the highest Sharpe Ratio in the back test. His system ‘Hovercars’ got a mind-boggling SR of 5.759 followed by Timeroot’s system ‘solipsistVelitation’ with a SR of 4.575. WOW!
BTW: You guys regularly make our days by being creative even with the names of your systems. We loved to see names like ‘FreeEducation’, ‘LessGuns’, ’pizzahut’, and ‘getSwagVeryCautious’. Keep on rocking!
Now the race for the $2.25M is on. The live period started today and will go until December 31st 2015. We wish all of you good luck and hope to see you back at our next contest. We keep you posted.
Martin, Nobie, Dirk, and the entire Quantiacs-Team