The Q7 results are official

April, 28 2017

Dear Quants, 

After three months of live simulation we are proud to announce the results of The Q7. Allocations will be made on Monday and will begin trading, and the Q8 is now into the evaluation period. As usual all of the winners will keep 10% of the profits generated by their trading algorithm.

The Q7 was more competitive than ever with 241 eligible submissions and so Kudos to all participants, and especially the top of the leaderboard!

Here are the top 10 performers, the winners of the Q7 
  1. DrKodiak with Californium (final score 4.80) – Wins a $1,000,000 investment
  2. Timeroot with MetamorphicSquirt (final score 4.44) – Wins a $750,000 investment
  3. Jenia with Sphere (final score 3.10) – Wins a $500,000 investment
  4. janchatko with sleepy (final score 2.82)
  5. danielkscarmo with qaqee702b (final score 2.64)
  6. durasm with MI_single_wght (final score 1.89)
  7. brucet30 with ephemeris1 (final score 1.32)
  8.  mwalimudan with RecentConvert9 (final score 1.27)
  9. rodrigolf with RDZ_Momentum (final score 0.65)
  10. ol with ts736_6K_ml_2m9_31de (final score 0.5)
Congratulations and thanks to everybody who participated in the Q7!

You probably recognize some familiar names among the leaderboard, and we must acknowledge the success that our top quants are having.  DrKodiak scored his fourth 1st place prize. Timeroot had a first and now three 2nd place finishes, and Jenia placed 3rd -- landing in the winner circle once again.

Special congratulations to some new names on the leaderboard -- janchatko, durasm, brucet30, mwalimudan, rodrigolf , and ol are all competing at a very high level

Danielkscarmo is back in the top 10 and doing an awesome job as usual and seems to be moving up at least one spot in the rankings every competition.   

On behalf of us and our investors we want to thank you guys for producing these great results! We are already excited for the upcoming Q9, stay tuned.

Martin & the Quantiacs Team