Quantitative trading competition Q10, Guaranteed investments of $2,250,000


The biggest algorithmic trading competition
The best 3 algorithms get guaranteed investments of: $1,000,000  |  $750,000  |  $500,000 You pocket half of the performance fees as long as your algo performs.
Submit your trading algorithm before February 1 2018

Write a trading algorithm on futures and submit it to the Quantiacs platform before the deadline. Your code remains a black box and you always keep the IP. Use Quantiacs’ free futures data and the free and open source backtesting toolbox.
There are two main phases in the competition: The submission period and the live simulation period.

                                                                          Deadline for trading algorithm submissions:   01/31/2018  (11:59:59PM PST)

Once your trading algorithm is uploaded you cannot change it but you can submit new versions of it (up to 10 submissions per day). All submitted trading algorithms will be simulated for 3 months with live market data.
                                                                                    Live simulation period:   02/01/2018 – 05/31/2018  (11:59:59PM PST)
Your final score is the lower of your Sharpe Ratio of your backtest and the Sharpe Ratio of the live simulation (Min[Sharpe Ratio backtest, Sharpe Ratio live]). If you submit several trading systems we will take the one with the highest score. We will announce the winners beginning of June 2018. The three best algorithmic trading systems get guaranteed investments of $500,000, $750,000, and $1,000,000.

To score in the competition your trading algorithm:
• Trades futures (you can use stocks in your indicators)
• Evaluates in less than 30 minutes on our servers (rule of thumb)
• Returns the same result if it is run twice (deterministic)
• Does not use ex post common knowledge (e.g. ‘don’t trade in 2000 and 2008’)
• Uses a maximum lookback of 2520 trading days
For a detailed collection of all rules please see the official rules.