Q2 Competition

Win the chance to start your own hedge fund with Quantiacs' latest trading competition!

Develop the best trading algorithm for Futures in Matlab or Python. Submit your algorithm before June 30, 2015 for competition eligibility and watch it live performing for three months. The three systems with the highest Scores on September 30, 2015 get guaranteed investments of:

  • USD 1,000,000.00
  • USD 750,000.00
  • USD 500,000.00
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The competition will have three Phases. After each phase a growing number of information about the participating systems will be unveiled.



until May 22, 2015: No information about submitted systems will be published on the website. You don’t know what you’re up against.


until June 12, 2015: Only small thumbnails of the equity curves of submitted and eligible trading systems will be published. The systems wil be ranked by Sharpe Ratio.


The full ranklist including the scores and the Quant's usernames will be published.


At the end of Darkness and Twilight the three Participants with the highest overall Sharpe Ratios win their own Quant-Copter

For a detailed collection of all rules please see the official rules.


Your overall score in the competition is the single trading system with your highest overall score, which computes as

Min(Sharpe Ratio_backtest, Sharpe Ratio_live)

To score your trading system must
  • Evaluate in less than 5 minutes on our servers
  • Return the same result if it is run twice
  • Not use ex post common knowledge, like for example don’t trade in 2008.
  • Not use a larger lookback window than 2000 trading days.


We're in Darkness! There's no ranking information yet!