Quant club Presentations 

Here you can find the presentations from our Quant Club events and from talks we gave at other events. They are in chronological order with the latest presentations on top. Click on the link and download the zipped pdf file. Have fun!

Reading List For Quant-Newbies (please let us know if you have recommendations for what else should go on the reading list)

May 3, 2016: SF Bayarea Machine Learning March 24, 2016: ChiPy-FinSig March 1, 2016: ML@B February 17, 2015: L.A Quant Club December 21, 2015: London Quant Club December 8, 2015: L.A. Quant Club November 18, 2015: New York Quant Club November 5, 2015: Bay Area Quant Club October 15, 2015: Chicago Quant Club October 15, 2015: New York Quant Club September 24, 2015: Bay Area Quant Club September 9, 2015: London Quant Club August 20, 2015: Bay Area Quant Club