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subash81 - 12/30/2018 5:20:14 PM
Installation of python
Hi everyone,
I am a new member of Quantiacs.
I was going through the video tutorial posted on the quantiacs website related to python installation.

The video mentioned that we need to install the python 2.7 version.
However, after going to the website
I found that there are two options for python 2.7.

64-Bit Graphical Installer (560.6 MB) 
32-Bit Graphical Installer (458.6 MB)

o would like to know whether I should go for the 64 bit or 32 bit graphic installer.


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mangiafuoco - 2/13/2019 5:57:02 PM
RE:Installation of python
It depends by your personal computer. If it is a 64bit pc go for python 64 bit