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cgorac - 1/17/2019 2:39:58 AM
Sharpe ratio calculation

I was looking into Sharpe ratio calculation segment of code in stats.m (am using Matlab version of toolkit).  I understand the formula, but in most references that I was able to find, annualized Sharpe ratio seems to be calculated simply as follows (when returns vector contains daily excess returns):

sharpeRatio =  sqrt(252) * mean(returns) / std(returns);

However, in looking further for explanation of using sqrt(252) factor for annualizing standard deviation of returns, I found reference to Andy Lo paper "The statistics of Sharpe ratios" (, where this factor is derived starting from an assumption that returns are log-normally distributed.  In that light, calculation implemented in toolkit indeed makes more sense to me.  Still, anyone else care to comment on this discrepancy?