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ken - 5/31/2019 4:27:41 AM
Help to implement trading algorithm

I developed a trading bot for myself with a simple but effective trading strategy. This bot is running fine for months in my computer so I would like to implement it in Quantiacs. I'm new in this platform so I need some help, but I'm sure senior developers can help here as my strategy is really simple. I focus on buy and sell a single asset to earn USD.

I need help with these points:

1 - I need to check price of a single asset (like Gold) each 30 seconds. Time interval can be higher if it's required.

2 - I need to recalculate my custom weighted average in each interval which is something like this:

myWeightedAverage = myWeightedAverage * SOME_FORMULA_HERE * currentPriceOfAsset

3 - After updating my weighted average, if current asset price is raising some percent over the weighted average, I buy a fixed amount of the asset with a market order, and create a limit sell order at +1% over the buy price.

Thank you! :)