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Kamil - 7/10/2019 12:47:09 AM
How to reproduce in their code of equity "quantiacsToolbox"
English is not my native language, if something is unclear, let me know.
I was able to reproduce the entry and exit dates of the position in the 
"quantiacsToolbox"(i.e. they are the same as my simulation).
I use my algorithm to find the best parameters. In "quantiacsToolbox" it takes a long time to search.
I'm reading quotes from files. I use these in native code to make equity, as in "quantiacsToolbox".
My equity is too good.This raises many questions about how equity is calculated.
1.5% Commission is taken when entering or exiting a position too?
2.On the eve of change of the contract there is an exit.
How does it happen the day before I close the old contract, and the next day I open a new one, 
whether Commission payments are taken into account here?
P.S.It would be great if someone painted in detail on the example of how the equity is calculated on 
the example of entering and exiting a position.