Q2 Darkness Phase Over

May, 27 2015

The ranklist for the Twilight Phase is live. To keep you in suspense, it only shows the time-series. You'll have to wait until the Daylight phase to learn the systems' statistics.

There are three quant-copters up for grabs for the best systems submitted during the twilight phase---from now until June 12th.

Congratulations to the winners for the Darkness Phase of the competition. The developers of 'Cherrypicking',  'fundPickFutures', and 'pln_dark_final' will be getting their quant-copters soon.

Don't forget: The number of systems you can submit for the Q2 competition is only limited your productivity! The more systems you submit the better your shot at managing money!

Q2 Darkness Phase is over, stay tuned for Twilight and your next chance to win a Quant-Copter.