Q3 Winners and Q4 in Evaluation

January, 20 2016

We launched the Q3 Algorithmic Trading Competition in August 2015. All submitted systems were simulated on live data from October for three months on until December. The results of this live-simulation are evaluated and we are happy and proud to announce the winners of the Q3 Competition:

1.)   Jenia gets an initial investment of $1,000,000 for the system Hovercars
2.)   Timeroot gets an initial investment of $750,000 for the system solipsistVelitation
3.)   Phidias gets an initial investment of $500,000 for the system pizzahut
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everybody who participated in the Q3 competition!
Next week we will start to trade the systems. These are very interesting times for trading quantitative systems since we see quite some volatility in the markets. We are excited to see how your systems will perform in this environment.
Q4 Algorithmic Trading Competition
Thanks to the Quant Community for making the Q4 the most successful competition in the short history of our company. We received over 130 eligible trading algorithms. The results of the backtests are very promising. More than 40% of the submitted systems have a Sharpe Ratio in the backtest better than 1. That is very impressive!

We started to simulate all submitted systems on live-data. This live simulation will go for three months. Now the race for the $2.25M is on. By end of March we will have three new winners. We wish all participants good luck in the live phase and hope to see you back at our next contest. We keep you posted.