Q5 - Compete. Code. Cash in.

February, 17 2016


Q5 is the biggest algorithmic trading competition with investments of $2.25M for the best three trading algorithms. Submit a trading algorithm before
April 1st and get up to $1M capital for it. You pocket 10% of the profits with no downside risk. Here is why you should compete: 

  • Use our free and clean financial data of 48 futures and the S&P500 stocks
  • Get more data throughout the competition (VIX, Commitment of Traders, …)
  • Use our free backtesting software in Python and Matlab (Annual performance, SR, Sortino Ratio, max drawdown, max time off-peak, MAR Ratio,…)
  • Learn Quant skills and get experience in algorithmic trading
  • Get guaranteed investments in your algo of $500,000$750,000, $1,000,000
  • You make 10% of the profits as long as your algorithm performs
How It Works
You build a trading algorithm on futures and submit it to our platform before April 1st (you keep the IP and your code remains a black box). The Sharpe  Ratio of your backtest makes your first score. After the submission deadline Quantiacs will simulate all systems on life data for three months. The lower of backtest- and the live-Sharpe Ratio makes your final score. The three systems with the highest scores get investments of: $1,000,000, $750,000, and $500,000.
Find more details about the Q5 competition here.