Quantiacs Presents at the World’s Largest Startup Event

March, 03 2016

That was pretty exciting: 15,000 attendees, four stages, and 250 speakers – one of them was Martin Froehler, the CEO of Quantiacs. The 2016 Launch Festival in San Francisco is the world’s biggest startup event. Martin was invited to talk about his vision of the future of investing.IMG_1548.jpg
After only 18 months in beta Quantiacs has over 800 trading algorithms on their platform. Many of those algorithms were developed by students using sophisticated machine learning methods like neural networks. “I’m impressed by the quality and stability of the trading algorithms”, says Martin Froehler, a former quant.
“We will be able to offer institutional investors a compelling arsenal of uncorrelated trading algorithms and I’m convinced that many of our strategies are going to be very appealing for institutional investors as a complement to their existing portfolios”, says Martin Froehler.