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Hello quants! The live evaluation phase for the Q15 contests is over. Allocations to the systems will be as follows:


  • alpha5.2 by anshul96go, score: 5.649, 1M USD
  • Sun73_Q15_BTC_1d by Sun-73, score: 5.026, 500k USD
  • improved triangle pattern strategy 4 by lookman, score: 3.775, 250k USD
  • Cronus V1.10 by 0mgsyst3ms, score: 3.091: 100k USD
  • TechnoPopSoundSystem by mwalimudan, score: 2.836: 50k USD
  • vg280626.1(1) by vg2001, score: 2.440: 50k USD
  • Crypto8 by TheFlyingDutchman, score: 2.301: 50k USD


  • Duckling Pentakill by kvanvanvant_test_python, score: 10.66, 1M USD
  • improved futures based strategy 5 by lookman...
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Hello Quants! The live phase of the Q15 Futures and BTC contests is over. The submissions are being checked and winners are going to be announced very soon!

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We are pleased to announce our new subreddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/quantiacs/!

Screenshot from 2021-08-11 13-21-03.png

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Quantiacs is introducing a referral program aimed to reward users who act as mentors for new users.

If you invite a friend to Quantiacs and, after registering, she/he submits an algorithm which passes all submission filters, you and your friend get 15 USD each.

You can find the details in your user area.

  • Share your personal link with your friends.
  • Get a reward if your friend submits a strategy to the competition.

You can invite as many people as you like, and get 15 USD for each successful referral.

The current referral program ends on August 31st, 2021.