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Hi there,

Since we're approaching the end of the submission phase for the Q16 contest, is it possible for us quants to already know a little bit about the upcoming competitions?

Will the Q17 contest be designed similarly to Q16? In other words, will Q17 be based only on crypto trading (or will it allow for futures trading too)? Only long-positions allowed (or short-positions too)?

I would suggest (if feasible) to put in place a new contest allowing to trade both cryptos and futures, besides trading long and short in any asset, but limiting the overall leverage of the portfolio. For example, adopting a 130/30 portfolio structure, which is a structure with a net long position, but permits leverage with long and short posi...

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Hello quants! The live evaluation phase for the Q15 contests is over. Allocations to the systems will be as follows:


  • alpha5.2 by anshul96go, score: 5.649, 1M USD
  • Sun73_Q15_BTC_1d by Sun-73, score: 5.026, 500k USD
  • improved triangle pattern strategy 4 by lookman, score: 3.775, 250k USD
  • Cronus V1.10 by 0mgsyst3ms, score: 3.091: 100k USD
  • TechnoPopSoundSystem by mwalimudan, score: 2.836: 50k USD
  • vg280626.1(1) by vg2001, score: 2.440: 50k USD
  • Crypto8 by TheFlyingDutchman, score: 2.301: 50k USD


  • Duckling Pentakill by kvanvanvant_test_python, score: 10.66, 1M USD
  • improved futures based strategy 5 by lookman...
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Hello Quants! The live phase of the Q15 Futures and BTC contests is over. The submissions are being checked and winners are going to be announced very soon!

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We are pleased to announce our new subreddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/quantiacs/!

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