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Hello quants! The submission phase for the Q16 Quantiacs contest started. You have time until end of October to submit your code. Then, the live evaluation phase will start and end on 28 February 2022. The best systems will receive allocations for a total of 2M USD.

This contest focuses on cryptocurrency data.
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Dear all,

as we mentioned last week, we have been restructuring our data offer.

The Futures BTC contract has been replaced by the spot BTC one, active 7 days per week.

For the other Futures we are now providing a set of 71 assets which can be inspected by using:

import qnt.data as qndata
future_list = qndata.futures.load_list()

Unfortunately we have been notified that a new CME Group Data Licensing Policy is in place. This policy affects distribution of Historical Information for Futures contracts and is available at

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Emiliano joined Quantiacs in late 2020 and sent to Quantiacs many suggestions which proved very useful for developing our platform. We had a short chat and we are sharing his thoughts.

Hi Emiliano, can you tell us something about yourself and your background?

I have always had a strong passion for technology and finance. I started following developments of the financial markets on a daily basis since I was 14 or 15 years old, mainly on satellite Bloomberg TV. Later I chose to study Computer Science and got my Masters Degree. In my Master thesis, I used several Machine Learning methods, particularly Genetic Algorithms, to forecast financial markets. In the last ten years – I am 35 now – I had the opportunity to w...

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The live evaluation of the Q14 contest is over, and winners getting allocations are:

  • Sun73 with sun73_q14_v12_9, 1 M USD

  • stevefoeldvari with vfz0001, 750k USD

  • antinomy with inout2, 500k USD

Congratulations to the winners and a special mention to vsujith and mwalimudan for their systems. We will monitor them closely and decide later about potential allocations depending on their performance.

Allocations will start on June 1st 2021 an will go on for 1 year.

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Hello everybody, as several users asked us to provide forex data and ETFs, we are working on data and for some days we are making available for development a subset of 31 assets only.

Submissions already made will continue working as usual, and, as we are doing for the BTC contest, we are raising the submission cap from 5 to 15.

Stay tuned for new data.

The current list of available contracts is:

[{'id': 'F_AE',
  'name': 'AEX Index'},
 {'id': 'F_AX',
  'name': 'DAX Index'},

 {'id': 'F_BC',
  'name': 'Crude Oil Brent'},
 {'id': 'F_BG',
  'name': 'ICE Gas Oil LS'},
 {'id': 'F_CA', 
  'name': 'CAC 40'},

 {'id': 'F_CC',
  'name': 'Cocoa'},