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Hi @support,

Any clue on the asset class (futures, crypto, nasdaq...) of the next contest? Long-only or long-short?


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Hello quants! The live evaluation phase for the Q17 contest is over. Allocations to the systems will be as follows:

qs_5 by RobProfit, 1M USD
Q17_TCBS_QuantSolution_v2a by marcusxinho, 500k USD
Q17_6b by quantinomy, 250k USD
The Duckling: Prolegomena to the Future 3 by kvanvanvant_test_python, 100k USD
Algotime_Q17_M1 by Algotime, 50k USD
Q17RC5 by mwalimudan, 50k USD
My First Strategy by hma1983, 50k USD

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Hello quants! The submission phase for the Q18 Quantiacs contest started. You have time until end of September 2022 to submit your code. Once the live evaluation phase is over the best systems will receive allocations for a total of 2M USD.

This contest focuses on Nasdaq-100 stock data and it allows for shorting.

Screenshot from 2022-06-10 16-08-35.png

In your user area you will find a Q18 Quick Start template which will show you how to use a simple filter function for automatically selecting the stocks which belong or belonged to...

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Hi @support,

Regarding the new contest (NASDAQ-100 Stock Long-Short), could you please provide us a Quick Start example to show how to properly read the NASDAQ-100 data?


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In these articles Dima explains how he worked with numpy, pandas, xarray, cython and numba to optimally implement operations on large numeric arrays on the Quantiacs platform.

Part I deals with data loading issues.

Part II shows different implementations of an exponential moving averages.

Both articles illustrate how to improve speed and reduce memory consumption...