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Does anybody know what is happening with the q20 contest ?

It has had a status of checking for over a month now and no results have been published !

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I'm looking forward to joining the next contest.
What is the next theme ?

Best regards,

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Hello quants! The live evaluation phase for the Q19 contest is over. Allocations to the systems will be as follows:

algo_Q19_s11 by Algotime, 1M USD
RobProfitQ19_1_10(1) by RobProfit, 500k USD
The Society which surrounds... by kvanvanvant_test_python, 250k USD
Q18_ML_Strategy2 by EDDIEE, 100k USD
Stocks_merge_st_35_5 by jofre44, 50k USD
Q19 SL v2.6 by TheFlyingDutchman, 50k USD
Sun73_Q19_1p by Sun-73, 50k USD

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Hello quants! The Q20 contest started. You can develop trading systems on the Nasdaq stocks and you can use fundamental data.

Please check the templates, we will provide examples to get started.

In the meantime you can read documentation here:

The submission phase will last until end of September 2023, and the live evaluation until end of January 2024.

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Hi, Quantiacs support,

I came to Q19 contest too late, unfortunately too late. There are only a few days left to submit the algo. Do you guys have already or have a tentative timeline and what asset would it be for Q20 contest? I would love to join the next one